Jinlong Jixie was invited to participate in the annual meeting of the national titanium dioxide industry with MVR, continuous crystallization of ferrous sulfate and titanium liquid concentration technology


      Spring Budeze, all things shine! After three years of epidemic, the annual meeting of the national titanium dioxide industry was finally held in Chongqing Yinxin Century Hotel from March 30 to April 1 this year! Jinlong Jixie Group, as a high-quality supplier of energy-saving evaporation, concentration and crystallization equipment for titanium dioxide industry, is also the co-organizer of this event.



      Looking back at 2022, the development of titanium dioxide industry has ups and downs. Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, economic growth has slowed down. Titanium dioxide market demand has declined, prices have fallen, industry competition has intensified and enterprise differentiation is obvious. Jinlong Machinery with MVR, ferrous sulfate continuous crystallization, titanium liquid concentration technology was invited to participate in the national titanium dioxide industry annual meeting to take this opportunity to discuss the industry's cutting-edge trends and advanced technology with industry experts. It is also a contribution to the future development of titanium dioxide industry to high-quality, environmental protection and clean production.


      During the meeting, our company shared the application and engineering cases of evaporation crystallization and concentration technology in the titanium dioxide industry with colleagues in the industry, showing the innovation, advancement and energy saving of the process and equipment. On the basis of many years of crystallization engineering theory and practice, the continuous crystallization process of titanium white iron introduced by our company in sulphuric acid titanium dioxide production process can realize continuous and highly automated production, greatly reduce production costs, save energy for enterprises and increase benefits.


      Jinlong jixie Group specializes in producing all kinds of evaporation, concentration, crystallization equipment and waste heat recovery equipment, providing the overall process plan design of evaporation, concentration and crystallization units, and turnkey projects of complete equipment production, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training. Group headquarters and technology research and development center is located in Nanjing Jiangbei New District, the group production base is located in Anhui east gate - Tianchang City, with a modern manufacturing base and after-sales service center. The products are mainly used in environmental protection sewage treatment, high salt wastewater treatment, biological fermentation, chemical, pharmaceutical, paper, steel, electric power, metallurgy, food and other fields.


      Jinlong Jixie Group's mission is "to become the leader of evaporation crystallization industry, continuous improvement, courage to innovate, create value for customers, develop together with employees, and progress together with The Times". Jinlong Jixie Group has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 20 years, has more than 500 customer cases, and cooperates with several foreign senior experts and senior engineers in various industries in China. And with a number of well-known universities and professors joint research topics, self-built laboratories.


      At present, Hunan Yuleng, Huayou Cobalt Industry, Dragon Boa Baililian, China Nuclear Titanium white, Zhongshan Chemical Group, Wanshan Chemical Group, Cake Chemical Group, COFCO Group, Stone pharmaceutical Group, Federal Pharmaceutical, Zhucheng Xingmao, Xiwang Group and other well-known domestic group companies have become strategic partners of Jinlong Machinery Group. With the right to import and export products, products are exported to the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries and regions.
      In the future, Jinlong Jixie Group will continue to deepen its efforts in the industry and contribute our strength to the clean, efficient and energy-saving development of China's manufacturing industry! Create brilliant with new and old customers!

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