Some engineering examples of Jinlong Jixie Group

      Application in the lithium battery new energy material industry

      China\'s first high-purity manganese sulfate MVR evaporation crystallization device(Guizhou Tongren Jinrui Manganese Industry Co., Ltd.)

      MVR evaporation crystallization process adopted for the project, which is fully automated and unmanned on site.


      Titanium dioxide industry engineering example

      MVR titanium liquid concentration project

      The continuous crystallization system of ferrous sulfate has a high degree of automation, reduces the labor intensity of operation and requires fewer operators.


      Sodium sulfate wastewater evaporation system case(Caike Chemical Group)

      85.5 t/ h sodium sulfate wastewater evaporation system(Caike Chemical Group)

      Our company independently developed and designed a set of six-effect evaporation device system for evaporation treatment to remove inorganic salts (sodium sulfate) in water.


      Sodium chloride wastewater evaporation system case(Zhongshan Chemical Group)

      Sodium chloride wastewater evaporation crystallization engineering case(Zhongshan Chemical Group)

      Our company designed and used MVR low temperature evaporation crystallization device to extract sodium chloride from wastewater, the system ran smoothly, and the sodium chloride after crystallization reached the secondary industrial salt standard

      Sodium gluconate evaporative crystallization system case(Mountain west King Group)

      Sodium gluconate evaporative crystallization system case(Mountain west King Group)

      The key projects of Xiwang Sugar Company under Xiwang Group, the \'sugar capital of China\' Mountain :25t/h*2 sodium gluconate, 10t/h sodium gluconate mother liquor projects have been officially put into operation


      High salt concentrated water evaporation crystallization case(Changsheng Pharmaceutical)

      Example of application of evaporation and crystallization of high salt concentrated water(Inner Mongolia Changsheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD)

      In the later project of the company, the evaporation crystallization (MED) system was developed and designed by our company again, and the turnkey project of the entire system was undertaken.

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